950 sqft, Plot No.16, CMDA RERA Approved Plots for Sale in Poonamallee Chennai

Vallimayil Properties, the epitome of innovative living, invites you to explore the charm of Plot No. 16—a splendid opportunity to shape your dream home in Kumaran Highway City, Poonamallee. Boasting an area of 950 sqft with dimensions measuring 25’x38′, this North-facing plot reflects Vallimayil Properties’ commitment to delivering quality living spaces.

Company Details:

Company Name: Vallimayil Properties
Project Layout: Kumaran Highway City

Plot Details:

Plot No: 16
Area: 950 sqft
Dimensions: 25’x38′ Feet
Roads: 24 Feet Road
Facing: North
Approval: CMDA & RERA

Discover the Neighborhood Essentials:

Be Well Hospitals Poonamallee:
Prioritize your family’s well-being with the assurance of Be Well Hospitals Poonamallee nearby. This healthcare haven ensures residents have access to quality medical services, offering peace of mind to all.

Irungattukottai Panjayath Secondary School:
Nurture the future with the educational excellence of Irungattukottai Panjayath Secondary School. This institution, in close proximity, stands as a beacon for quality education, shaping the young minds of Kumaran Highway City.

Hi Way Hot and Cool:
Indulge in the culinary delights of Poonamallee at Hi Way Hot and Cool, a local eatery renowned for its diverse and delectable menu. Residents can enjoy gastronomic experiences right within the vibrant Kumaran Highway City.

Crafting Your Dream Haven:
Plot No. 16 is not just a piece of land; it’s a canvas for creating your dream haven—a residence that mirrors your aspirations and lifestyle. The North-facing orientation, the 24 Feet road, and the CMDA and RERA approvals ensure a secure investment and a perfect foundation for your future abode.

Vallimayil Properties extends an exclusive invitation to explore the boundless possibilities of Plot No. 16 in Kumaran Highway City. With a commitment to delivering quality living spaces, Vallimayil Properties invites you to be a part of a community where healthcare, education, and culinary delights converge seamlessly.

Seize this opportunity to shape your dream haven in the heart of Poonamallee. Plot No. 16 is more than just a plot; it’s an opportunity to create a life well-lived. Embrace the charm of Kumaran Highway City and let your dream home come to life.

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